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The countdown begins!

Less than ten homes remain available in Edington, a popular Blackrock Homes’ new construction Meridian neighborhood for homebuyers under $460,000. Since the neighborhood started in summer of 2022, nearly 91 homes blossomed seemingly overnight.
When asked what has… Continue reading

Update on availability for the remaining homes

It’s hard to believe that Blackrock Homes is near the completion of another subdivision. Since opening our doors here in July 2022, we’ve welcomed nearly 80 homeowners to this fabulous 91-home neighborhood in central Meridian. As a builder representative,… Continue reading

A Google Review for Edington

We couldn’t resist reposting this review from one of the current homeowners in Edington:

I have been in my Blackrock townhome for almost a year now, and love it even more than I did when I bought it. Absolutely no… Continue reading

Understanding property taxes + more


When buying a home, there’s a lot of numbers and terms to process and consider. It’s my goal that this post will help demystify some of these figures and terms.

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Now accepting contracts early in the process

We’re excited to announce that Blackrock Homes now accepts contracts on homes at the sheetrock stage or later. Previously, homes needed to be move-in ready before pricing would be finalized and made available to purchase. However, to stay current with… Continue reading